Virgin Trains onboarding: Getting brand buy-in from day one

“Look! I’m starting at Virgin Trains next week and look what they sent me!”

That was the reaction to the digital pre-boarding experience we created for new starters in the week before they joined Virgin Trains.

Virgin Trains onboarding: Getting brand buy-in from day one

Virgin Trains onboarding challenge

From day one your new employees need the confidence to handle challenging situations across the rail network. All while working hundreds of miles from their managers. What do you do?

Mind Tools interviewed recent hires and onboarding managers at Virgin Trains to determine what new starters really care about. We created five digital pre-boarding experiences – from animations and arcade games to interactive videos – to address those concerns. 

Experience the 5 onboarding resources we created in collaboration with Virgin Trains. 

Creating brand advocates in 5 minutes a day

We emailed a five-minute resource each day in the week running up to the new employee’s start date.

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Day 1: All Aboard!

An animated welcome video introducing Virgin brand values.

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Day 4: Welcome to the Arcade!

An arcade game to get to know the Virgin network.

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Day 2: Welcome Back!

A virtual tour of life on board – with Virgin-branded Google VR headsets. 

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Day 5: Thank You!

A welcome video from the training academy team to prepare new starts for their first day.

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Day 3: Meet Your Colleagues!

A chance to ask the questions you didn’t want to ask in the interview.

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