Off-the-shelf elearning bundles

Choose from four flexible bundle options: Perform, Manage, Lead and Compliance.


Our Perform bundle is designed to enhance the skills and confidence of your workforce, the bundle includes:

• Communication
• Creativity
• Customer Service
• Difficult Conversation
• Personal Branding
• Problem Solving
• Self Development
• Time Management
• Wellbeing
• Work-life Balance

Our Manage bundle is designed for new or aspiring managers to help them drive the performance of their teams, the bundle includes:

• Coaching
• Credibility
• Decision-Making
• Difficult Conversation
• Emotional Intelligence
• Feedback
• Management
• Performance Management
• Project Management
• Resilience


Our Lead bundle creates a great platform for new and aspiring leaders to shape the future of your organization, the bundle includes: 

• Change Management
• Finance
• Leadership
• Managing Teams
• Negotiation
• Networking
• Presentation
• Recruitment
• Strategy
• Sustainability

Prepare your people to meet everyday workplace challenges with confidence, through our legally-reviewed compliance courses (UK Only) , the bundle includes:

• Anti-Bribery
• Anti-Discrimination
• Anti-Money Laundering
• Cyber Security
• Data Protection
• Health & Safety
• Intellectual Property
• Sustainability


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