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We all need concrete steps to improve.  


What does LPB provide?

The Learning Performance Benchmark offers personalized, actionable insights to refine your organization's learning strategy.

So what are the benefits of using the Learning Performance Benchmark?

Identify gaps, wins and growth

Use the Benchmark to align your team on the current state of your L&D — where you’re performing well, areas to improve and how you have progressed over time.

You’ll receive feedback with specific actions to take for continued growth.

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Need business buy-in?

The Benchmark offers tangible results with metrics, shown on your own personal dashboard, that you can use to show value and build a business case — based on evidence — for L&D resources and support.

Discover your L&D gaps and see how you can improve today


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Results now easier to share

You can now download your Benchmark results into a handy PDF. This new feature allows you to share results with colleagues and stakeholders.

Our example report shows some of the insights you could expect from your own report.

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The industry-standard benchmarking tool

L&D professionals have turned to the Benchmark since its inception almost 20 years ago, when it was originally called the Towards Maturity Benchmark. A valuable tool for a long time... and still free to use.

Understand the impact of technology

The content, infrastructure and digital tools that support your organization's L&D strategy aren't inexpensive. The Benchmark provides data that helps you reflect on the role of your technology tools and their level of utilization.

Complete the Learning Performance Benchmark in 3 simple steps:

1. Register an

We just need a few details to help you to get started. All the information you provide is anonymous and confidential, and it won't cost you anything to create your account.

2. Complete your
four part review

Review your company's current L&D offering, including your organization's vision, strategy, technology and challenges.

3. Get your
results instantly

After you've completed the review, you'll gain access to a personalized, interactive dashboard.