How does the Custom Learning process work?

Our award-winning Learning Experience designers are experts in designing and building learning solutions that are unique to your organization and challenges. Here’s what you can expect...

How it works

How does it work?

Head of Learning Experience, Ross Garner, and Learning Experience Designer, Claire Gibson, talk through the process that our Custom Learning clients can expect from start to finish!

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We'll work with your learners and subject matter experts to create an 'outcomes framework', a robust outline of the learning experience that defines:
  • What's the problem?

  • Why are we working on this project? What do you want to achieve? And how do we know it's a problem?

  • What's the solution?

  • What kind of learning experience will best address the problem identified? How will your learners interact with it?

  • How will we measure success?

  • How will we know that the project has been a success? What range of measures could we use as evidence?



We build you a working prototype as fast as we can. No more complicated planning documents or written storyboards! This approach brings your ideas to life so we can test, gather feedback, and iterate the design.

Building and delivery

With the wireframe validated, we develop all of those multimedia elements that bring your learning experience to life. That includes:
  • Animation, video and podcasts

  • No templates. Our animators, illustrators and multimedia editors create assets from scratch so that we can reflect your brand with no constraints.

  • Graphic design, infographics and illustrations

  • Our graphic designers and illustrators will work with your brand team to ensure that your learning experience reflects your identity.

  • Audio

  • We use professional voice artists, including some you might recognize, to ensure quality and authenticity.

  • Translation

  • Our global translation partner can localize content for wherever you operate.

Building and Delivery

Customer testimonials

Your professionalism and knack for getting the best of our subject matter experts is outstanding! It's been a huge relief on me personally, because I can step back and trust that you will turn around a quality deliverable every time.

The outcome framework process Ross and his team provided has been a gamechanger for Phi Delta Theta. We consistently use this framework structure to develop new, engaging e-learning modules. As a result, we are much more efficient and productive with almost 30 new modules developed since we first began work with Ross.