Recommendations for Learning Technologies 2017 - Part 1

Our top picks from this year's conference programme.

Written by GoodPractice
Published 23 January 2017
Recommendations for Learning Technologies 2017 - Part 1

The sheer variety of conference sessions and exhibitors at LT17 means it can be difficult to know who to see. This two part blog offers our top picks from the main conference programme plus the free seminars. These sessions will bring you bang up to date with issues at the forefront of L&D.

Coming next week, Part 2 will highlight 10 exhibitors to check out who are really pushing the boundaries of the L&D profession.

Our top five picks from the main conference

T2S1: Learning models

- Applying 70:20:10 in practice - why and how - Charles Jennings

- Putting 70:20:10 to work in a traditional, global workplace - Jo Hughes

70:20:10 continues to hold L&D’s attention, but for all the fanfare, the model can be misunderstood. In this joint session, you’ll get expert advice from the world’s leading 70:20:10 proponent on implementing the model in your organisation, plus insight on achieving this in practice from our award-winning client Edrington.

2. T4S1: Learning design

- Designing content for real change and impact - Julie Dirksen

Julie’s book Design for How People Learn is our go-to for learning design. She offers a refreshing, performance focused approach to L&D which is right up our street. This session goes right to the heart of what’s important when designing learning - how to create learning resources that actually change behaviour.

3. T2S3: Spaced learning

- Spacing: practical insights for mobile and micro-learning - Will Thalheimer

Will is leading the charge for evidence based approaches to L&D - undoubtedly a hot topic for L&D in 2017 and a subject that’s close to our hearts. This session will present the results of research on human learning and cognition. More importantly, it will bridge the gap between research and changing L&D practice for the better in your organisation.

4. T1S3: Artificial Intelligence

- AI: Transforming how people learn at work, and the L&D function - Donald Clark and Toby Simpson

Although some people may be sceptical or even fearful about AI, we believe it will transform future working practices. This session with Donald and Toby is a must if you’re not sure of AI’s potential. What’s more, Donald can always be relied upon to deliver an entertaining, thought-provoking presentation.

5. The learning profession - T5S4

- How L&D can work smarter for greater impact - Laura Overton

As CEO of Towards Maturity, Laura has bags of experience in how to transform and modernise L&D. In this session she’ll draw upon Towards Maturity’s rich pool of research and share insights on how to transform your L&D function into a truly modern operation. Not an easy task, but with insights like these, you’ll be sure to get your L&D function on the right track.

Seven free sessions worth checking out

One of the great things about LT17 is the free seminar sessions running throughout the two days. Here are our recommendations on which ones to check out.

1. AI: current and future applications in learning: Donald Clark, Director, PlanB Learning

1 Feb 2017, 10:15 - 10:45, Theatre 5

AI is now starting to touch every part of our lives, and services from companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM are making it easier for software developers to bring their secret sauce to all kinds of different applications. Donald has been at the forefront of the learning technology industry for two decades and is always thought provoking and provocative.

2. Five Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with a Learning Record Store: Ben Betts, CEO, HT2 Labs

1 Feb 2017, 11:00 - 11:30, Theatre 7

Learning Record Stores and xAPI have lots of potential, but their adoption has been somewhat slower than some have hoped. Not so for Ben and his team at HT2, who have proven time and again that you can implement and get serious benefits from these new standards. For those with an interest in modern learning technologies, this session is definitely one to check out.

3. Delivering agile learning: 10 quick wins to support business needs at pace: Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning & Development Content, CIPD

1 Feb 2017, 11:45 - 12:15, Theatre 11

Andy’s enthusiasm for transforming L&D is infectious and he has been instrumental in improving the CIPD’s engagement with the L&D community. His sessions are always full of ideas and this one will be no different.

4. Transforming formal learning - the why, the what and the how: Mike Collins, Head of Learning Solutions, Developing People Globally (DPG)

1 Feb 2017, 11:45 - 12:15, Theatre 10

We’ve seen Mike speak at a number of events and are always impressed with his pragmatic, yet thoroughly modern views on how L&D can make a difference. This session on transforming formal learning will definitely be one to catch.

5. Google it: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers: Owen Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer, GoodPractice

1 Feb 2017, 12:30 - 13:00, Theatre 6

Owen is our COO and co-author of our latest manager-focused research report Google It: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers, which we published in conjunction with ComRes late last year. Join Owen for a run down of the results and a insight into the online behaviour of managers today. If you don’t manage to see his session, pop over to Stand M5 to pick up your copy of Google It.

6. Modern learning strategies - agile development: Matt Ash, Head of Learning, Media Zoo and Perry Timms, Director of People and Learning, Media Zoo

1 Feb 2017, 13:15 - 13:45, Theatre 3

We’re huge proponents of agile development at GoodPractice. Not in the vague, business buzzword sense but the iterative development practice that has transformed how modern consumer web companies like Facebook and Google develop software. We know Perry is also a big fan and this session should be a really interesting exploration of how agile can successfully apply to learning and development.

7. Why performance support should be like online shopping, Ian Wheelans, Head of Client Services, GoodPractice

2 Feb 2017, 12:30 - 13:00, Theatre 7

Our Head of Client Services Ian Wheelans knows a thing or two about delivering performance support solutions that really work. Here he will take a look at successful examples of performance support in practice and draw parallels with online shopping and e-commerce user experiences.

For a 1:1 demo of our award-winning performance support toolkit, you can visit Ian and the GoodPractice team on Stand M5.

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