26th September 2023 | 3:00pm to 4:00pm

20 years of L&D research: what can the data teach us?

Watch back our session with Chief Impact Officer, Nahdia Khan, and Senior Researcher, Anna Barnett to look back over the last two decades of research.
20 years of L&D research: what can the data teach us?

Recording now available.

Mind Tools for Business is celebrating 20 years of benchmarking. In that time, we’ve worked with more than 11,000 L&D leaders to identify the practices and behaviors that best predict organizational impact. Today, Mind Tools for Business has one of the largest, independent learning and development data pools in the world – and it’s time to explore what the research has taught us.  
To mark the occasion, this year’s Annual L&D Benchmark Report is being published in three parts. In July, we published Part One and kicked off our report series by looking back over the last two decades of research to prepare L&D for the future ahead.  
Join Chief Impact Officer, Nahdia Khan, and Senior Research, Anna Barnett, as they unpack some of the key findings of the report. 
The webinar will cover: 

  1. The evolution of learning and development in organizations  
  2. Consistent markers of top performing L&D teams 
  3. The gap between technology and L&D  
  4. Lessons to learn and opportunities to seize 



Nahdia Khan

Nahdia Khan

Chief Impact Officer, Mind Tools for Business
Nahdia Khan is Chief Impact Officer for Mind Tools. As a seasoned L&OD and Talent leader with experience in the public and private sector – empowering people and organizations to thrive has always been at the centre of her professional career. In her current role, Nahdia is responsible for ensuring that the voices of the customer are amplified through the creation of active communities of practice and thought leadership.
Anna Barnett

Anna Barnett

Senior Researcher, Mind Tools for Business 
With a strong background in academic research, Anna completed her PhD in 2020 and is now a core member of our Impact & Insights team. Anna specializes in producing high-quality, comprehensive and topical evidence-based reports for the L&D community. 

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