1st July 2020 | 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Learning today: why nothing and everything has changed

Online Webinar

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Wednesday 1 July - 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

Learning today: why nothing and everything has changed

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Nothing has changed in how we learn, not fundamentally. The way neurons fire and form networks in our brain is the same as it was when we stood on the African savannah millennia ago.
In other ways, though, everything has changed. The tools we use, the distractions we face and the breadth of information we have access to, are all vastly different to what we faced just few years ago, never mind tens of thousands.

What you'll learn

A veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, Don Taylor will be joined by Ross Garner, Head of Learning Experience at Emerald Works. Together, they’ll explore how today’s fast changing world affects learning and development – and consider:

  • Adapting our natural ways of learning to the modern world
  • The long, imperfect legacy of the schoolroom
  • Why memory is now more important than ever
  • Technology’s opportunity and challenge
  • The profound implications for learning professionals.
Be prepared to be energized, enthused and challenged.


Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor

Chairman, The Learning and Performance Institute
A recognised commentator and organiser in the fields of workplace learning and learning technologies, Donald is passionately committed to helping develop the learning and development profession.
Ross Garner

Ross Garner

Head of Learning Experience, Emerald Works
Ross has been working in L&D for seven years and he heads up the instructional design team at Emerald Works. In 2019 he completed a Masters in Digital Education and was named Learning Technologies’ Learning Designer of the Year. He is also one of the hosts of the GoodPractice Podcast.