2nd June 2020 | 4:00pm to 4:30pm

Learning Health Check Demo

View the demo recording below. The Learning Health Check is a free, independent and confidential resource that lets you review your learning strategy, compare your approach with top-performing organizations, and plan your priorities.
Learning Health Check Demo

Recording now available.

Watch Senior Researcher, Gent Ahmetaj. He’ll take you through the online review, explain the benefits of taking part, and show an example of a personalized results dashboard.

Our 40-minute Learning Health Check review is designed to help you reflect on your current learning and development offering and gives you immediate, tailored feedback on how you measure up against the top tactics that influence learning culture.

What you will learn

  • How to benchmark performance against your peers, competitors and other organisations

  • What we include in our benchmark and why it matters

  • Why it is important to continuously benchmark your perfomance 


Gent Ahmetaj

Gent Ahmetaj

Head of Research, Emerald Works

Gent has been researching all things HR and L&D as part of Emerald Works since 2016. Most of his time is dedicated to improving data collection and analysis, writing reports, and building inter-disciplinary research partnerships.