2nd September 2020 | 4:00pm to 5:00pm

L&D’s role in helping managers support virtual team learning

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Head of Insights at Insights Media.

L&D’s role in helping managers support virtual team learning

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Managers are key to learning. For many, the COVID-19 lockdown has made their role even more critical to an organization’s success, as they focus on supporting their teams to work and learn remotely. 

In these challenging times, how can learning professionals support managers so that they can better develop their teams?  

What you'll learn

In this webinar, Content Strategist, and Head of Insights at Insights Media, Martin Couzins will be joined by our Senior Research Analyst, Gent Ahmetaj.

Together, they’ll delve into the Emerald Works Learning Health Check data to explore: 

  • How managers prefer to learn  

  • How virtual working affects the way managers learn 

  • Barriers to optimizing virtual learning 

  • Strategic and tactical steps to support managers. 

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Martin Couzins

Martin Couzins

Head of Insights, Insights Media
Gent Ahmetaj

Gent Ahmetaj

Head of Research, Emerald Works

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