Why take the Learning Health Check 2020?

Formerly of Towards Maturity, the new Emerald Works Learning Health Check remains the only free, independent and confidential benchmarking tool in L&D.

Written by Emerald Works
Published 01 July 2020
Why take the Learning Health Check 2020?

Our research reveals that just 12% of learning leaders use analytics to show their L&D impact. And that’s just what the Learning Health Check offers. With it, you can:

  • Compare your learning strategy against top-performing organizations 

  • Get personalized results with your very own dashboard

  • ​​​Review your progress year on year and get practical tips to improve. 


“It’s like a self-diagnostic;
once you identify the problem you can start to fix it.”

 Robin Lilly, Capabilities and Leadership Development Director,
Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

New for 2020 

This year, we’re also asking questions around the COVID-19 pandemic to understand its impact on the learning industry. And new for 2020, if you complete the Health Check, you’ll get VIP insights status which gives you: 
  • Personalized results specific to your industry 

  • Early bird access to the hottest industry events and webinars 

  • ​Exclusive invites to the latest research launches

  • ​A chance to join the Learning Innovation Group – a community of thought leaders and innovators.


Each year, we compile the results from the Health Check into an annual report. 

You can read our latest research, Back to the Future: Why tomorrow's workforce needs a learning culture, for free here. 

You can also discover how the Health Check helped the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.

Read the case study here.

Our infographic is available to download and print here.

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