5 ways to engage learners with your toolkit

Your toolkit supports learners with just-in-time resources – and lets them explore and develop at their own pace. But it’s also the perfect platform to support your internal campaigns.

Written by Mind Tools
Published 20 October 2020
5 ways to engage learners with your toolkit

Let’s take you through the toolkit features designed to help promote your initiatives, communicate timely messages, and help create a learning culture in your organization.


1. Use your banner

Did you know, you can place a banner at the top of your toolkit’s home page? That's prime real estate and the first thing people see when they log on.
We can work with you to regularly redesign, refresh, and update your banner to direct users where you want them to go. That could be a playlist you created on wellbeing, materials to support virtual training sessions you’re running, or a message from your CEO.
Talk to your client partner today about updating your banner. They’re a simple but effective way to help people with their learning journeys.

2. Tailor 'Spotlight On' content

Just below your banner, learners will see a selection of five topical resources created by our content team. The first resource is also featured in your weekly engagement email.
But it doesn’t all have to come from us. You can get in touch with your client partner to promote a different toolkit resource – or your own content – to support an internal campaign.

3. Upload your own content – anywhere!

It’s not just the Spotlight On section, you can upload your own resources anywhere on your toolkit. Like a video with remote working tips, for example, to a Working from Home playlist.
Your playlist can also link to external resources such as Ted Talks, Gallup research, or BuzzFeed quizzes. You name it!
Watch our video on how to add your own toolkit content.

4. Update the look and feel of your toolkit

Got new branding or imagery for a marketing campaign? Ask your client partner how we can incorporate the look and feel with your toolkit design.
We can change your logo and the colour palette of your toolkit, for example. Or change the sender address of your weekly mail to something more recognisable to help increase open rates.

5. Run some reports

Is your campaign hitting home? You can track its progress by running reports. You can find out usage stats for resources, and plan your next campaign with trends and search terms from data analysis.
We’re seeing, for example, a spike in searches around wellbeing right now. But the data may reveal something more specific for your audience that we can help you target with toolkit content. Your client partner can help you run reports and make suggestions for creating campaigns.

Watch the video to find out more about how to run reports.

Get in touch today to chat about how we can help drive the engagement of your learners.

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