Managers Matter toolkit spotlight: Six time management dos and don’ts

Watch this teaser as a reminder of the best ways to stay on top of their time management skills.

Written by Catriona MacLeod
Published 21 November 2022
Managers Matter toolkit spotlight: Six time management dos and don’ts

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Time can have a funny way of running away from us. But these quick and easy dos and don'ts will help you make the most of your time.

DO: Minimize interruptions and distractions.
So, you have piles of work to get through, but keep getting interrupted. Before you know it, it's the end of the day and you're going nowhere fast. Then, it's time to take action. Remove the distractions you have control over. Switch off email alerts. Switch on voicemail. And block out time in your diary if you can. This way, people are less likely to disturb you.

DON'T: Say "yes" to everything.
When you're in demand, it can be tempting to say "yes" to every request. But this can have a negative impact on your work and your well-being. Sometimes, you just need to say "no." If you find that hard, try saying, "No, but…," and offer an alternative solution or deadline that works for you.

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