Mind Tools for Business launches toolkit designed to empower small businesses

Earlier this year Mind Tools for Business launched their first Small Business Toolkit which provides on demand leadership and skills development for businesses with fewer than 150 employees, in any industry.

Written by Mind Tools for Business
Published 25 November 2021
Mind Tools for Business launches toolkit designed to empower small businesses

Mind Tools has partnered with Kojo Academy which specialises in supporting sales leaders through evidence based and extensively researched sales practices. The Mind Tools Toolkit with additional content from Kojo Academy has been augmented to create a suite of digital resources that will be valuable to small businesses. The resources are device friendly and available 24/7, 365 days a year, giving small businesses immediate access to practical guidance whenever and wherever they need support. 

Small businesses play a crucial role in today’s economy and now more than ever is it important for organizations to be equipping their teams with accessible, on-demand performance tools that empower their teams to perform in today’s progressive workplaces. The Small Business Toolkit by Mind Tools has been designed to do just that. By putting a growth guru in the hands of everyone at an affordable price, every employee can thrive in the workplace. 

The toolkit will:  

  • Empower employees with a wide array of skills 

  • Boost employee productivity and engagement  

  • Cultivate a connection between learning and business objectives  

  • Shape and inform future L&D endeavours.  

“We wanted to make our successful Mind Tools Toolkit available to an even wider range of businesses. Speaking with small business leaders, we know that sales capability is incredibly important but training is difficult to access for a variety of reasons so we’ve partnered with Kojo Academy to bring their outstanding sales content into the Mind Tools Small Business Toolkit and make it accessible anytime, anywhere. We’ve made dozens of other changes to the toolkit to make it both suitable and affordable for small businesses and we’re delighted by the response it’s already received.” 

Owen Ferguson, Chief Product Officer, Emerald Works 

You can find out more about the Small Business Toolkit here.

Watch our interview with John Yates, CEO at Emerald Works, Anderson Hirst, Consulting Director at Kojo Academy and Simon Hulcoop, Head of Sales - EMEA at Mind Tools for Business, as they discuss the challenges small businesses face and how the Small Business Toolkit can help.

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Mind Tools for Business brings accessible, on-demand performance tools and resources that empower colleagues to perform in today’s progressive workplaces. Helping them build happy and successful careers and to contribute positively to the success of organisations, the world over. At Mind Tools for Business, empowering people to thrive at work has been our passion for 25 years.

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