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How to turn "Know-It-All" managers into "Learn-It-Alls"

As an L&D professional, the more senior your learner becomes, the harder it can be to boost engagement with the resources you offer.

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The top 10 management skills that you need to know!

There are so many different skills to learn to manage people well, that it's no wonder it can be so hard to be a great boss.

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Distracted learners: How to gain and keep trainees' attention

People will spend almost half of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they are doing.

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How to develop your managers: Get learners on board

It’s not just you. Our research reveals that 45% of managers say they’re too busy for learning and development.

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Stepping up: The manager’s role in optimizing virtual team learning

It’s a commonly held view that managers are the key to helping their teams learn and develop. It's also a commonly held view that managers are not good at doing this.

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Same team, different sides?

This interactive report provides insights into the perspectives of executive managers on contemporary issues in L&D.

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Innovate, Dominate or Decline

Explore how top performing L&D leaders navigate through uncertainty and have real impact on their organizations.

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