Learning Performance Benchmark: Insights that Unlock your Learning Potential

In the wake of COVID, businesses’ priorities fundamentally changed. As companies were forced to transition to remote working almost overnight, HR leaders had to react with agility to ensure employees’ needs were still met.

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Published 02 August 2021
Learning Performance Benchmark: Insights that Unlock your Learning Potential

But even before the pandemic, the Learning Performance Benchmark had been enabling leaders to effect real, long-lasting change across their organizations, with diverse and far-reaching benefits.

What is the Learning Performance Benchmark?

It is the only free, independent, and confidential L&D comparison tool of its kind. Developed by our team here at Mind Tools for Business under its previous name, the Learning Health Check, the Learning Performance Benchmark enables L&D strategists to measure their organization’s performance on the global market, see how they shape up against the competition, and boost their learning maturity score through actionable insights.


  • The Benchmark is unique. That’s a big word—but we can back that claim up
  • Over 18 years of wisdom and data
  • Our mission for the Learning Performance Benchmark is encapsulated by its proposition:
  • Cutting-edge research. Personalized analytics.

It’s hard to argue otherwise. After all, for just under two decades the Benchmark has drawn on longitudinal sharing within the learning community to guide L&D leaders in improving their learning strategy. They discover the traps they’re falling into, and what trends to look out for. You can even filter by industry, region and size.

And it seems we’re doing something right: 97% of participants said the Learning Performance Benchmark sparked new ideas for advancing their learning strategy—and more than half said it had given them fresh ideas about their L&D after completing it just once.

Explore the organizations who have already witnessed the benefits!

Interactive personalized dashboardReflect on your learning strategy

The Learning Performance Benchmark dashboard is clean and easy. This enhances user experience, and reduces bounceback from participants who might quit were it not for the tool’s aesthetic interface that’s easy to navigate. L&D leaders enjoy exclusive access to tailored, robust, and actionable insights into their learning strategy.

Not only does the Benchmark score their organization’s learning maturity, but also identifies its trending learning technologies, as well as any significant barriers to effective learning—and all in comparison to the competition.

Privacy is paramount

You can rest easy when it comes to confidentiality: The Learning Performance Benchmark uses participants’ data solely for research purposes. Users’ anonymity is of the utmost importance here at Mind Tools for Business, which is why all data is stored in a GDPR-compliant UK database.

Why is the Learning Performance Benchmark a must-have for my company’s L&D strategy?

Investing in this process enables you to build a custom dashboard, then precisely benchmark your L&D strategy against your closest competitors, be they across your industry or across the region. You can check out how (and what) those at the very top are doing, unearth practical tips to emulate them—and eventually give them a run for their money yourself.

Gap analysis

By accessing vital analytics, you can reflect on your learning strategy, but then go a step further by shedding light on gaps that need plugging, and identifying opportunities for the future. It’s tempting to brush these things under the carpet—but the truth is, if you don’t explore these learning challenges, your organization will only ever be good at best.

By gathering rich insights from your personalized dashboard, you unlock the full potential of your L&D strategy, add tangible value to the business, and gain the tools you need to build a more resilient learning strategy for tomorrow.

Learning maturity scoreEvaluate learning culture in practice

Once you’ve got eyes on how your business actually implements its learning practices, you’ll be in a strong position to understand how those methods are received by your employees. You might be surprised by how little utility is offered by some practices, which methods are consistently well received, and which need further development so more people embrace them.

Assess the impact of digital technology investments

Do you know how your content and infrastructure are working to support the company’s L&D strategy? The Learning Performance Benchmark gives you space to consider how your digital tools are advancing learning and performance support, and to what extent these investments are truly benefiting the business and its employees.

With its four-phase maturity model, the Benchmark will forge your path toward becoming a top-performing learning organization, with recommendations designed to prune excess or unfit technologies in favor of a streamlined approach to technology.

A community-first approach

We are totally committed to the learning industry, which is why our annual reports summarize the insights from L&D professionals across every industry, sector, and vertical marketplace. Every participant makes a small but crucial contribution to a more universally informed industry, as together we move toward a business landscape where organizations empower all people to thrive, both in work and in life.

Isn’t it time you got in on the action?

Learning Performance Benchmark participants enjoy immediate and exclusive access to their organization’s maturity score, as well as actionable insights into how they compare to competitors, and simple tips to advance through the tool’s four-phase maturity model.

We have already helped countless L&D leaders transform their companies’ learning strategies. Shouldn’t you be next?

Find out more and get started here.

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