Managers Matter Bundle: Keeping Your Skills Up to Date

Our new managers matter bundle provides you with five resources designed to help managers get ahead and build the skills they need to succeed.


Managers Matter Bundle: Keeping Your Skills Up to Date

Why do managers matter?

Your managers play a vital role in the success of your organization, but they also face many challenges. It's therefore crucial to make sure that they have the skills to succeed, both personally and professionally.

But why are they so important? Well, they're responsible for a lot, from keeping an eye on employee burnout, to getting projects over the line. And as managers, they're not only responsible for the development of their team members, but for themselves as well!

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What you’ll get in the bundle:

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1. Skills You Need to Be a Successful Manager

Whether they’re preparing for their first management role, or they've been managing teams for years, there'll always be something new to learn, and existing skills to develop. Discover the eight key skills that managers need to be successful in this new checklist. 

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2. Understanding Team Roles and Behaviors

In order to manage more effectively, Managers need to understand how their team members think and behave. Managers can use this Skillbook to analyze their teams’ strengths and weaknesses and create a more balanced team.

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3. Why Develop Managers to Be Coaches?

Why are coaching skills so important when it comes to managing teams? Discover new insights on performance management pulled from our 2022 Annual Benchmark report.

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4. Time Management Quiz

All managers need superb time management skills to keep on top of their tasks. This self-test quiz will identify the aspects of time management that they need most help with, and the specific tools that will help them to work more efficiently. 

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5. Delegation Worksheet 

Managers have a lot on their plate, but they can’t do it all. Provide your managers with this delegation worksheet to help them identify the tasks they need to delegate, and who they plan to delegate them to.

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The toolkit has helped us move from a training culture to a proactive learning culture. Our staff get the learning they need from a five-minute video or article accessed on their phone, rather than traveling to a full-day training course.

The toolkit content is a real smorgasbord of learning activities, which keeps the learner in a positive state of curiosity and eager to explore more.