Employee Performance

At Mind Tools for Business, we help empower your employees by giving them access to performance tools and resources on a wide variety of topics.

Check out our articles on Employee Performance and find out how you can help boost the performance of your people.

The Measure of Employee Performance

For many organizations, the rise of remote and flexible working has been a plunge into the unknown.

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Favoritism in the workplace

Chances are, you recognize under-performance in an individual or team. But how confident are you in identifying the causes?

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Employee engagement – what is it and where does L&D fit in?

So, what exactly is employee engagement? What role does L&D play? And how can we help get it right? Let’s find out.

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7 ways Mind Tools will engage your employees

Mind Tools helps people bring their best to work. We do it with tools and resources that help employees learn new skills, build self-confidence, and perform better.

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How to create a culture of feedback

When’s the last time someone praised your work? Or shared an idea that helped you crack a problem you’d been chewing over?

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Hold onto Talent in Tough Times

Many organizations are still dealing with the economic fallout of the pandemic. Customers may have moved on, and employees could be thinking of a change, too.

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How to manage employee expectations?

What your top talent really wants from you, and why it's best to give it to them.

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10 tips for perfecting performance reviews

According to an SHRM/Globoforce survey, annual performance reviews are waning in popularity.

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How music can boost your productivity

Can Hot Chip help you hit deadlines? Bach make you better at research? Does the Wu-Tang Clan work wonders with spreadsheets?

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Top tips for tackling employee burnout

A little stress can be a great motivator. But too much of it, combined with excessive work demands and personal life stressors, can lead us to burn out.

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employee performance reports

2022 Annual L&D Benchmark Report

We address the crucial question ‘Is your learning culture keeping pace with rapid digitalization?’ and look at how organizations can adapt a ‘people first, technology second’ approach to their L&D strategy.

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Engaging with learning in the reimagined workplace

Pre-pandemic learning and working have something big in common. Rarely did we stop and ask: Is there a better way of doing this?

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