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The Measure of Employee Performance

For many organizations, the rise of remote and flexible working has been a plunge into the unknown.

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Favoritism in the workplace

Chances are, you recognize under-performance in an individual or team. But how confident are you in identifying the causes?

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10 tips for perfecting performance reviews

According to an SHRM/Globoforce survey, annual performance reviews are waning in popularity.

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How to create a culture of feedback

When’s the last time someone praised your work? Or shared an idea that helped you crack a problem you’d been chewing over?

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How music can boost your productivity

Can Hot Chip help you hit deadlines? Bach make you better at research? Does the Wu-Tang Clan work wonders with spreadsheets?

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employee performance reports

Learner Intelligence Report

This report aims to narrow the gap between L&D strategy and practice by bringing the voice of the employee to the forefront.

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Workplace learning from home

In this brief report, our Insights team summarize the discussion around COVID-19 and organizational learning and development.

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