Emerald Works launches Learning Health Check 2020 to include questions on the impact of COVID-19

Emerald Works has launched its Learning Health Check for 2020 and this year it includes additional questions to collect insight on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the L&D industry.

Written by Emerald Works
Published 11 June 2020
Emerald Works launches Learning Health Check 2020 to include questions on the impact of COVID-19

Formerly from Towards Maturity, the new Emerald Works Learning Health Check remains the only free, independent and confidential L&D benchmarking tool in the industry. With it, organizations can assess the health of their L&D strategy and compare it against high-performing peers – and get practical tips to improve learning strategies.

This year’s updated Learning Health Check features additional questions to collect insight on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the L&D Industry. A short report on high-level findings will be released in August.

The Learning Health Check is based around an online questionnaire about your learning offer and its impact, and which takes around 40-minutes to complete.

The Health Check covers learning and development strategy, vision, practice, process, digitalization, pain points, impact and measurement. It’s robust and evidence-based because it’s continuously developed in partnership with academia and methodology specialists, L&D practitioners, business leaders and subject matter experts.

Once completed, organizations get access to a personalized results dashboard with data that highlights how you compare with other organizations and which parts of your learning strategy you need to improve on. In addition to your results, the dashboard also highlights trends in technologies, common barriers and top L&D skills.

Completing the Learning Health Check gives companies VIP Insight Status which offers the following benefits:

  • Personalised results specific to your industry
  • Early bird access to the hottest industry events and webinars
  • Exclusive invites to the latest research launches
  • A chance to join the Learning Innovation Group – a community of thought leaders and innovators

Since 2003, the Learning Health Check has helped more than 8,500 organizations around the globe to take their next steps to become high-performing learning cultures. By completing the Learning Health Check, 97% of participants say they've gained new insights on how to fast-track their strategy. 

John Yates, CEO at Emerald Works, said: “With the impact of COVID-19 on how as well as where we work, it’s now more than ever important for companies to take a look at their learning strategy and see how it can be improved. With this in mind, we’ve updated this year’s Learning Health Check to include some specific questions about the impact of COVID-19. The Learning Health Check is proven to help leaders sense check their learning offer, benchmark against peers and improve learning strategy.”

Fashion retailer River Island used the Health Check to identify areas for change and progress its L&D strategy. Nebel Crowhurst, Head of People Experience at River Island, said: “We agreed on a plan that would help us become a highly credible team, both internally and externally. This benchmarking tool would give us a guide to how we were continuously improving throughout a three-year period.”

To find out more about the Learning Health Check, visit https://mindtoolsbusiness.com/research/learning-health-check

About the Emerald Group
Emerald is a global learning organization, based Bingley, West Yorkshire, with a global presence in 130 countries worldwide.  While its roots are in publishing, and bringing research to life, the Group’s corporate learning division provides learners with the insight and tools they need to overcome challenges, improve performance and excel in the workplace. Founded in 1967, Emerald’s core purpose for over 50 years has been to champion fresh thinkers and help them make a difference so that little by little those in academia or in practice can unite to bring positive change in the real world. www.emeraldgroup.com

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