Emerald Works COVID-19 Support Pack viewed 90,000 times

The free suite of articles and videos provided by Emerald Works helps people cope with the switch to working from home.

Written by Emerald Works
Published 03 April 2020
Emerald Works COVID-19 Support Pack viewed 90,000 times
With so many people around the world working from home for the first time due to the spread of coronavirus, learning solutions specialist Emerald Works has launched a free COVID-19 Support Pack, which includes a suite of online resources. The pack has proved an immediate success, with more than 90,000 views within days of its launch.

The COVID-19 Support Pack, which is available on Emerald Works’ Mind Tools platform, offers more than 20 articles and videos on topical subjects such as working from home, running virtual meetings, mental health and decision-making under pressure. The most popular articles accessed to date are around the topics of staying focused while working from home and problem-solving.

Other topics covered in the Support Pack are working in a virtual team, managing emotion in a team, keeping calm in a crisis and mindfulness in the workplace.

In many countries around the world, people are being urged to work from home unless it is impossible to do so, in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

While some companies have previously introduced a culture of flexible working, many people have never worked from home, leading to new challenges and additional stress in already worrying times.

With so many people working from home, Emerald Works is also seeing a significant surge in interest in people accessing the resources from the Minds Tools platform. Figures from client sites show an increase in engagement and number of users to the Emerald Works Mind Tools toolkit – with a 33% increase in traffic week on week and a 43% increase in traffic compared with the previous month.

The package of online learning solutions is drawn from the Mind Tools library of almost 2,500 resources which are divided into 12 skill areas such as leadership, creativity, strategy and project management. The resources are accessed by more than 24 million people each year.

In addition to the COVID-19 Support Pack, Emerald Works also uses its Minds Tools platform to provide and create customized online learning solutions for companies such as Tata Steel.

Louise Burge, Lead Projects Advisor at Tata Steel, said, “The Working From Home and Living Well custom pages created by Mind Tools during COVID-19 have enabled us to provide practical resources quickly to people on a range of relevant topics such as virtual meetings, managing remote teams and working from home. This gave people some much-needed practical support during this challenging time.”

Peter Casebow, CEO of Emerald Works, said, “Our mission has always been to make a difference to people’s lives and give them the solutions they need to work smarter, overcome challenges, better their wellbeing and enrich their careers. With COVID-19 forcing so many people to work from home for the first time and disrupting normal ways of working, the challenges have never been greater and people need support more than ever.”

Emerald Works was launched in January when it brought together three established international learning organizations - GoodPractice, Towards Maturity and Mind Tools – to form one global company.

Emerald Works, which has offices in Edinburgh, London, Horsham, the USA and Australia, works with global brands such as Virgin Money, Standard Life Aberdeen, Rolls-Royce, Edrington and AstraZeneca among its growing client base. With a focus on the USA, UK and Australia, the company now serves more than 2.5 million learners and learning professionals each month, based in 180 countries worldwide.

The Covid-19 Support Pack is available here:


Staying focused while you’re working from home:


About Emerald Works
At Emerald Works, we’re committed to helping individuals and organisations around the world realise their full potential by using evidence-led learning solutions that work. We work together to build learning cultures that empower people to bring about real change for real impact.

About the Emerald Group
Emerald is a global learning organisation, based in Bingley, West Yorkshire, with a presence in 180 countries worldwide. Founded in 1967, with roots in scholarly publishing and bringing research to life, Emerald’s core purpose for over 50 years has been to champion fresh thinkers and help them make a difference so that little by little those in academia or in practice can unite to bring positive change in the real world. www.emeraldgroup.com

For more information, visit: www.emeraldworks.com

For more information contact Karen Preston, Marketing Communications Manager - kpreston@emerald.com

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Emerald Works

Emerald Works

At Emerald Works, we’re committed to helping individuals and organizations around the world realize their full potential by using evidence-led learning solutions that work.

We work together to build learning cultures that empower people to bring about real change for real impact.

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