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Organizational success starts with knowing your organization better

By understanding what works for your organization means that a lot of time (and money) can actually be saved.

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Understanding disruption: Have challengers become commonplace?

There’s even a Global Index which tracks its impact on businesses. But what exactly is disruption?

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World War Z: Is Generation Z set to transform the workplace?

Those born after 1995 will make up a third of employees by 2025, and by that time, some reckon they’ll have shaken up the workplace. But are they right?

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Learning from COVID-19: New opportunities for the workforce

Our research indicates that there are clear lessons from our shift to remote work and online learning that can help strengthen learning initiatives.

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Change Conversations: 10 Dos and Don'ts to present a clear vision of change

While it’s important for leaders to present a clear vision for change, managers also have a role to play in selling that vision to their team. Here, we outline ten ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of change conversations.

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The opportunity to reinvent L&D is here, so what’s next?

“The great thing about this industry is that the data and the people help you on your transformational journey. You can learn from others' mistakes and make that journey faster and quicker.”

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Corporate Transformation Research Reports

Innovate, Dominate or Decline

Explore how top performing L&D leaders navigate through uncertainty, balance efficiency and innovation, and have real impact on their organizations.

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Same team, different sides?

This interactive report provides insights into the perspectives of executive managers on contemporary issues in L&D.

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Learner Intelligence Report

Narrow the gap between L&OD strategy and practice by bringing the voice of the employee to the forefront of the discussion.

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