The evolution of 70:20:10

What impact is 70:20:10 having on the L&D profession?

The evolution of 70:20:10

The aim of this report is to underpin its successes, understand its shortcomings and gain insight into ways this learning framework can be implemented successfully.

We’ve investigated how leading organisations from the UK, Europe, Australia and the US are using 70:20:10 to evolve their L&D strategy and delivery. The results are surprising and have certainly challenged our thinking and views on 70:20:10. 

In this report, we seek to:

  • Explore L&D’s views about 70:20:10, discussing how it is perceived by L&D professionals
  • Identify how L&D leaders use 70:20:10 to and deliver this successfully within their organization
  • Understand how 70:20:10 works and a correlation between its implementation and success

Is 70:20:10 having a net positive influence on our profession? In this report, we discover exactly how leading organisations are using 70:20:10 today in practice.

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