Google it: The secret online lives of UK managers

This report focuses on research in to managers and the social media and network usage of L&D practitioner and leaders in the UK today.

Google it: The secret online lives of UK managers

Building on the findings of our previous report ‘The secret learning life of UK managers’, this study provides a comprehensive insight in to lives of managers online.

The report sheds light on the social media networks for UK managers and the impact of this-providing details of managers online preferences and habits.

In this report, we seek to:

  • Determine how internal and external social media networks influence manager’s learning preferences and how these are undertaken
  • Understand reliance on content- focused internet sites and social networks. to overcome challenges faced at work
  • Provide a comprehensive, in-depth report using data and statistic

In this report we dig deeper into the online learning habits of managers. The findings highlight the challenge L&D faces in getting engagement with some online technologies.

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