Excellence in leadership development

Understand the main changes needed to be made to ensure the continuous improvement of leadership development.

Excellence in leadership development

Including data, L&D practitioners and perspectives, this comprehensive report is able to aid any organization with their L&D for leaders and managers.

Through demonstrating the technologies available and comparing them to what is available a conclusive summary was created.

In this report, we seek to:

  • Understand if and how experiential learning is being applied to leadership programmes and how it is successful
  • Underline the best practices from existing programmes, demonstrating its success to the L&D community
  • Demonstrate the role of digital learning- how does it drive and support leadership development?

About the author

Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity was founded in 2003 with a mission to help learning professionals deliver effective learning innovation that makes a real impact.

Since joining Emerald in 2017, we've extended the reach and insight of this industry research program across the wider international learning community. Today, we serve more than 65,000 learners across more than 83 countries and counting.

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