Capturing and sharing company know-how

An investigation into how L&D practitioners can enable and facilitate shared learning across organizations.

Capturing and sharing company know-how

This report includes a summary of how the C-suite executives are addressing talent and capability gaps and the ways learning leaders can facilitate a growth in shared learning.

An investigation into high performing organizations can harness their wide wealth of knowledge within the workplace, and through this, form and support successful collaborations. It is also important to address the ways in which potential partnerships can be unlocked.  

In this report, we seek to:  

  • Build confidence in people professionals 

  • Support the transfer of knowledge and potential partnerships 

  • Share data and information to support these points 

About the author

Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity was founded in 2003 with a mission to help learning professionals deliver effective learning innovation that makes a real impact.

Since joining Emerald in 2017, we've extended the reach and insight of this industry research program across the wider international learning community. Today, we serve more than 65,000 learners across more than 83 countries and counting.

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