Australia’s learning technology landscape

In the modern world, organizations have access to a vast amount of online learning resources. From virtual class rooms, social learning tools and performace support resources to virtual reality- there is a large amount of material available for learners. With this wide range of resources available, the aim of this report is to uncover how the L&D functions are being used in order to support learning.

Australia’s learning technology landscape

This report considers how organizations in Australia have been utilizing these different learning technologies to support and enhance their learning frameworks as L&D practitioners looing to introduce technology face many different options. 

This report aims to understand the uptake and impact of different learning technologiws across Australian organizations. Looking in to their views and opinions, it reveals some of the challenges faced by L&D leaders as they try to implement and experiment with these new technologies. 

In this report, we seek to:

  • Understand the new learning technologies available and their successes
  • Uncover the challenges faced by Australian organizations in the face of these new learning technologies
  • Provide insight in to successes of these technologies and how they can be succesfully implemented 

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