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Prioritize your faculty’s mental health

It’s more important now than ever that university faculty and students get support for their mental health when they need it.

Mind Tools for Business offers a range of resources to help alleviate stress in your organization.


Inspiring your faculty and staff to thrive and conquer challenges

Discover accessible, on-demand tools and resources that help people and organizations reach their full potential.

Our education clients trust us as our learning solutions are:

Made for you

Our learning experts understand the challenges unique to the education sector. They’re committed to delivering development solutions best suited to your organization.

Easy to set up

Mind Tools works with you—and at your pace—to launch, and bring your learners on board.

Secure and robust

We have the most stringent security processes in place, guaranteeing safe and confidential handling of your data, which you can access anytime.

Tried and tested

Mind Tools’ award-winning products are proven to boost the performance of people and their organizations.

Flexible and scalable

We work with you to build a toolkit that’s distinctly yours, with your own content, features and branding.

Endlessly engaging

Our abundance of wide-ranging, media-rich resources cater to every level and style of learner to keep them engaged.

Discover more of our excellent toolkit features

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Achieve a total understanding of how, when, and why learners are interacting – and engaging with – resources.
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Thousands of quality-assured resources, all in one place. Inspire your learners and help them build the skills they need to work smarter.
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Strong branding brings your toolkit to life, weaving it into the very fabric of your organization’s day-to-day activity.
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Upskilling Phi Delta Theta’s online learning team

Discover how we helped the international fraternity bring production of its digital learning resources in-house.

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The experts at Mind Tools understand the highly specific demands of the education sector - but we know that every client faces their own unique obstacles, too.

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