Security and Data Protection

We take security seriously. Our IT team gets involved at the start of your onboarding journey to help protect your data from setup onward.

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Using Single Sign-On

We recommend Single Sign-On (SSO) for security purposes and its ease of use. With SSO, learners only need to be logged into your organization's system to access the Mind Tools toolkit. 

What do I need to do?

Simply put us in touch with your IT team and we’ll take the lead. Often, SSO can be set up and ready for testing in the same day.

What do I need to do

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Why SSO works so well

Safe and easy

The more logins employees need, they more likely they'll choose weak passwords. Remembering just one with SSO keeps your system safer.

Strengthens Security

SSO is a two-step process. First, we use authentication data to ensure the user is logged in to your network. Then, we authorize access to their toolkit.

Drives Usage

An extra login step doesn't sound a big deal. But it's enough to reduce usage. SSO makes it quicker and easier for learners to access the toolkit.
IT Expertise

Benefit from our IT Expertise

Our technical team has years of experience setting up SSO for many different organizations. They'll guide your IT department step-by-step to quickly, securely and easily set up SSO.

How we help clients

Whether you need a live person or a quick-reference tutorial, you’ll get the support you need from your Client Experience Partner as part of your onboarding and post-launch journeys.

Helping clients

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