Put all the right resources into playlists

Help your learners develop the skills needed most in your organization with easy-to-create playlists.

Available with: Enterprise

How playlists help learners

With playlists, you can showcase content that supports your L&D activity. And with all the right resources, all in one place, learners won’t wonder ‘what next?’

Supporting your L&D efforts

Playlists are perfect companions for your learning initiatives. Shine the spotlight on an in-demand topic, promote your core values, or up-skill people with what they ‘need to know.’

Playlists on laptop

We've helped hundreds of companies focus their L&D - and their people have flourished.

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Giving you control

Playlists can include anything your learners need. You can curate Mind Tools resources and link to external content. And create, edit or delete playlists at any time.

Who can access playlists?

Only chosen administrators can create playlists. You can make playlists public for all toolkit users, or keep them private for those you share a link with.


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