Build a toolkit unique to your organization

Strong branding brings your resources to life. And when your toolkit is seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, it gets woven into the fabric of your organization. 

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Benefits of branding your toolkit


Make it unmistakably yours

Instil every element of your toolkit with your company’s branding and it jumps right off your learners’ screens.

Help them feel at home

When learners are faced with a familiar feel and aesthetic, it quickly integrates with their day-to-day tasks.

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Bring the whole experience to life

Giving your toolkit a vibrant, relatable and appealing personality is the first step towards driving learner engagement.

Hundreds of companies reimagining L&D - and seeing their people flourish.

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The toolkit may be referenced across your organization, so honing its identity is crucial. By finely tuning your toolkit’s color scheme and design, you align it with your company culture, rendering it instantly recognizable. 

Learner's log

Learners can track the time they’ve spent on individual resources, which in turn supports their CPD activity.

My profile

Every user has quick and easy access to a record of the content they’ve viewed.


We can help you make it your own and put your own stamp on it.

Spotlight on

Showcase internal campaigns and key activities throughout the year, such as performance reviews and employee engagement surveys.

Homepage banners

Highlight important messages or link to specific content, and customize banners with your L&D branding.

Discover excellent toolkit features

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Thousands of quality-assured resources, all in one place. Inspire your learners and help them build the skills they need to work smarter.
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Achieve a total understanding of how, when, and why learners are interacting – and engaging with – resources.
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Our IT professionals work with yours to protect your toolkit and integration. See why Single Sign-On is a key part of the process.
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