Bringing together learning resources for a multinational

Creating a modern learning approach, joining branches from around the globe.

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Solution Mind Tools
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The challenge

Human resource consultants Randstad needed to modernize their L&D framework.

With 7,200 employees spread around seven countries, Randstad's face-to-face training wasn’t hitting home.

Randstad needed a new learning solution. And resources had to be accessible 24/7 and engaging for a global audience.

We worked with Randstad to:

  • Create a new, modern learning approach catered for learners
  • Highlight areas for improvement and discover how to implement change
  • Offer accurate and high-quality external learning resources

We were doing a lot of in-person and proprietary training. We needed more innovation in the way we were reaching our learners.

The solution

Today, Randstad’s people have access to a wide range of online resources including articles, videos and infographics.

Now, employees can learn about topics such as emotional intelligence, time management and decision-making. Wherever they are in the world; whatever time zone they work to.

Our digital tool is available across devices and via an app, so Randstaders can develop themselves at their desk or on the go. And collaborate and share content with colleagues around the world.

We also work with Randstad to create bespoke resources to support topical campaigns such as National L&D Month and World Wellbeing Week.

Michelle Prince says:

"Mind Tools offers relevant and current content that’s applicable to multiple regions."

We helped Randstad customize its learning to meet the needs of learners. And make resources accessible when employees need them most. What’s more, Mind Tools Analytics lets Randstad see what works – tracking progress and better understanding the needs of the learners.

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I would recommend Mind Tools; I do recommend Mind Tools - on a daily basis.

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The results

Over the past three years, Randstad has noticed a surge in employee engagement. Learning is now more accessible throughout its worldwide network, and helps its people to thrive.

Our Client Success Team supported Randstad by showing how the toolkit works, tracking the impact of resources and shifting its L&D strategy. Today, learners enjoy more social, shareable and mobile-friendly content. 

Proof points

  • Platform successfully rolled out to 7,200 employees, across seven countries

  • 50,000 page views of Mind Tools resources in a 12-month period

  • 44% of Randstad employees now use Mind Tools in their learning and development

  • Joint campaigns such as World Wellbeing Week contributed to a 200% month-to-month increase in page views